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Disclaimer: This site is NOT a substitute for a professional audio and/or visual repair person. Please consult with a professional before attempting to repair any audio and/or visual equipment yourself using this site. This site will not be held responsible for any damage caused to any audio and/or visual equipment by the user.

This site serves as a spec database for specialized audiovisual related components. This can be helpful to those looking to repair specific audio and visual products, components, and equipment related to audiovisual. When seeking repairs or upgrades on any audio (speakers) and/or visual (TV) piece of equipment knowing the specs is crucial. Useful audio and/or visual spec sheets pertaining to some of the most popular audio and visual equipment in the industry today is available free of charge on this website.

Did you know that the audiovisual industry is a multibillion-dollar industry with a vast array of products?

Boardroom audio visual can be quite useful, allowing executives to have meetings with customers, coworkers, and suppliers around the world. However, commercial audiovisual usually requires some level of advanced expertise to make sure the equipment is syncing properly. For example, balancing the pattern from the audio and microphone in a boardroom setting so there is no interruption or degradation in the sound quality can be a difficult task.

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